Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Download - The Kit to Get You Started

If you're like me, you're much more of a "learn by doing" kind of person.  I love tutorials, but only if I can follow along on my own. If I just have to read or watch, the chances of me getting the hang of it are slim.

So... you'll need to have all of the pieces handy for the first, simple project we're going to undertake.

That project?  Looks like this:

Except in yours, you'll obviously have a picture of your own cute kiddo (he IS pretty cute, isn't he?), or grandkiddo, or the neighbor's kiddo, or your best friend's kiddo, or any other kiddo you want.  You could even download a picture of Ricky Schroeder back in the Silver Spoons days... he was pretty cute then--dating myself, I know.

And?  Because I rock (or whatever), and so that you can do as I do and learn in a hands on way, I've put together a free kit that you can download.  It comes with a background paper, staple, frame, ribbon, a vellum quote, and an alpha set.  Yay!

Download it here.

Your homework before the tutorials begin in earnest (limited time here, people... only a day or two) is to get the kit downloaded to somewhere easily accessible on your computer, and hunt down the digital picture you want to use for this project--jpg, bmp, png or similar format. 

Your other homework?  Leave me a comment and let me know you're following along.  Because I love to know who's reading and learning!  I might also be a tiny bit of a comment junkie.  Tiny.  Small.  Itty bitty.  Or not. 

And pinky swear that if you have questions (there really are NOT any stupid ones) or comments or thoughts on how to do things more efficiently, you will comment and share with the rest of us.  Deal?

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Anonymous said...

Downloaded! Thank you very much and thank you for the tuts! I have been trying to learn and you made it a little easier for me! (=

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