Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet My Friend, The GIMP

First things first, right?

It would be hard to go down the road of digital scrapbooking at all without the proper tools.  I looked at a ton of them after my disastrous scrapbooking weekend.  There are scads of them out there.  Some aren't expensive, some are.  Some appear to be inexpensive, but  really get you on the printing side of things.

I worked at first on the Photo site of a big box retailer who shall remain unnamed.  I uploaded a billion tons of photos and organized them all, looked through all of the different digital framing options I had, and settled on doing a photo book for my Grandad for this birthday.  The process, though thoroughly enjoyable from a "Walkin' Down Memory Lane" perspective, was tedious... and painful.  I finished it and he was very pleased (which was really the end goal), but the experience left me hunting for something better.

I looked at other photo-centric sites and came away with the same taste in my mouth.

But, like I mentioned, when I stumbled across The Shabby Princess, I realized that there was a whole digital world out there that functioned just like paper, except totally NOT.  When I saw her kits and downloaded them and imagined all of the pages I could make, I was ready to devour every ounce of knowledge she had to offer.  Except that all of her tutorials were for Photoshop.

And I didn't have Photoshop.

And I have four people who live under my roof who are under the age of 18, which means that every extra cent I have goes for things like 75 Hot Pockets and 60 boxes of cereal a week; fundraiser after fundraiser after fundraiser; new shoes every fourth Tuesday since every. blessed. one. of. them is undergoing a growth spurt--a really long one; extracurricular sports fees; braces... you know.  I have three pennies I found under the seat cushion on the couch when I was looking for someone's lost (insert lost item here).  And that's just all.  So Photoshop was (and is still) not in my future.

Surely there was something else.

Enter The GIMP--The GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Downloadable, so it met my instant gratification requirements.  Free, so it was totally within my budget.  And?  Pretty close to Photoshop--at least that's what the brochure said.

So I went for it.

If you want to come along on the ride, and do it on the cheap--because you also have 400 4 children and you're in the same financial boat I am, you can be friends with The Gimp, too.  Get it right here.

If you're working on a Windows box, make sure you get the package that says, "Installer for Windows XP SP3 or later".

Download the .exe file and install like you would any other program.  Keep the defaults, click Next, Next, Next, Next (and however many more Nexts there are) and Finish.

If you did it correctly, there should be a nice little icon on your Desktop--of Wilber, the GIMP mascot, with a paintbrush sticking out of his mouth.

And this is where your beautiful friendship begins.

Next?  Let's talk layers...

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