Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paper Scrappin' Got You Down? Go Digital!

So you want to scrapbook, but the 8 billion papers, ribbons, eyelets, scissors, punches, adhesive and elements you need is overwhelming.  Maybe the collecting of such lovely things isn't overwhelming, but the thought of cutting your precious pictures and getting it wrong gives you hives.  Maybe cutting your pics isn't the problem, but planning a layout takes hour upon painful hour and you still don't have it right when you're done.

I can relate.

I love scrapbooking.  Love it.  L.O.V.E. it!  I could easily spend a gazillion hours making fabulous pages that highlight all of the things my favorite people have been doing since birth (or last week, or whatever).  But I stink at it when I have to lay my hands on it and apply glue.

At the last scrappin' weekend I attended with my best girlfriends, I worked diligently (I mean it, peeps... diligently) to complete some pages from a Christmas trip we took to visit my sister-in-law.  Over the course of the week, those many talented ladies completed page upon beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous page... dripping with flowers and pearls and journaling spots and cute sequins and eyelets and ribbon, displayed in hotel room windows for all to see.

I?  Completed one.

And I wasn't particularly in love with it.  Not in love with it enough to put it in the window, for sure.

There was just something about moving the paper around, and getting the cuts just right, and being creative enough (outside of my mind) to make a masterpiece happen, that did not work for me.  Perhaps it has something to do with my left-brained thinking... or the fact that I'm a teeny-tiny bit of a control freak...  Ahem.

Whatever it was, I threw down my scrapbooking tools that day, gave my scissors and papers and eyelets and ribbon and pre-cut frames and silk flowers and punches and everything else I'd been collecting to my daughters, and vowed to give it up.


Just not my thing.

And I kept my vow... for a little while.  Soon, my girlfriends went on another scrapbooking retreat and I stayed at home, telling myself that the vacuuming and toilet scrubbing I was doing was MUCH more productive anyway.

But somewhere in the back of my mind was the thought that I still needed to do something with the 5 billion pictures that were taking up space on my computer.  Surely I would be a failure as a mother/wife/friend if I didn't collect them in some organized way to give to my peeps when they/we were older.  My sister-in-law's memory books were legendary, part of EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. known to mankind--weddings, graduations, Christmases, Birthdays... sigh.  Maybe I would just have to tell them all it wasn't going to happen.

Then?  I stumbled upon digi-scrapping... I kid y'all not, the very moment I laid eyes on this kind of scrapbooking the Heavens opened and the angels sang.  A light from above shone down on me and, right in between the Hallelujah Chorus and Amazing Grace, I was back in the scrapbooking game.

My first foray into the digital scrapbooking world was courtesy of The Shabby Princess.  There on her site were 80 tons of amazing digital scrapbooking kits that tickled the "I'm not so creative all by myself" fancy in me and got me started.  More than the creative tickling, I found that many, many, many of her adorably cute and uber-sophisticated kits were FREE!  Talk about tickling my fancy!  If there's anything I'm more of than left-brained, it would have to be a fan of FREE.

So, I downloaded... and downloaded... and downloaded some more.  And I scoured the internet, because that's just how I roll on these things.  If there's something to be learned, until we can do it Matrix-style where someone just plugs that module in, I can figure it out from the internet!

Gimp and I got to know each other.  At first, we weren't really buddies.  Learning was tough.  There were some tutorials, but not enough to keep the frustration factor to a minimum.  I was pretty determined, though.  So I worked with it, and worked with it, and worked with it.  And we became friends, The Gimp and I.  Pretty good friends, actually.

Shortly, I followed up with a tight-knit relationship with Inkscape.  And I started to make pages I was proud of, memories captured in ones and zeros that looked like they were physical, memories that I could print 57,000 times if I wanted, memories that I could rearrange to my heart's content, no glue involved.

So... that's how I got here.  I've been doing digi-scrapping ever since and it's working for me.  I'm a convert.  Thought you might be struggling with the same things I was and since I know all about layering and how to use the text feature so you can actually see the text you're using, where to download crazy awesome fonts, and how to recolor, resize and draw cute stuff... all without money or right-brained super-creativity, I thought I'd share.

In one place.

Welcome to Mia Marie.

Tutorials coming...


christine said...

Woo Hoo!!! Friend I am right with you and love your commentary! You have a scrapping buddy here on the west coast.

lyndaspix2004 said...

I am so looking forward to following you on this journey. I left all my scrapping stuff in AZ with a friend when I left for Colorado and have never replaced them because I figured if I hadn't used the stuff in over a year it probably wasn't going to happen.

Anyway, I'm happy as a clam that you're doing these tutorials!! Love you!

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