Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Editing, Anyone?

Wanna know a secret?  All of those photos I showed you in my post about Nashville?


Yep.  Made the colors deeper, increased contrast, reduced or increased brightness, cropped.  Improved significantly over the originals where I didn't get the shot quite square, or the sky was washed out, or the colors were muted. 

Guess what I used to do it?

Yes!  The GIMP!  (for FREE!!! - my favorite word)

As I was posting them, it occurred to me that this would be a perfect time to do a series on photo editing.

Then you could work through a project picture, like this one:

Beautiful trees, right?  But the lighting just did not make the colors pop like I wanted.  And the gray sky didn't offset the brilliant oranges and reds like I had hoped.  I snapped it anyway, because I knew I could fix it later!

Here it is after my "fixing":

The best thing about it?  You can TOTALLY do what I did in just a few simple steps.

I was thinking that, over the course of the next few weeks, we could chat about some of the following:
  • red-eye reduction
  • brightness and contrast
  • desaturation
  • fixing overexposure
  • brilliant skies
  • more on cropping and resizing
... stuff like that.


Other photo editing topics you'd love to cover?

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Lynda Anderson said...

I'd love to cover all of the above. All are important in creating stellar photographic memories! Looking forward to learning from my favorite teacher!

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